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Thanks for your interest in my research! For a number of years, my new material is at

If you are particularly interested in the Home Savings and Millard Sheets Studio materials, go to

See you there!


Hugo Ballin’s career matches the full sweep of L.A.’s classic age of murals, and they were the stuff of Millard Sheet’s early years as an artist. Many survive; learn more on this great new site, with maps and illustrations:

Fake Canadians in the U.S. Colored Troops: My latest for the @NYTcivilwar series. #canada #cw150 #afterslavery

LISTEN/BUY: Civil War Wests: Testing the Limits of the United States is now ready to pre-order! Come listen to each author give a 3-minute version of their essay! Links and details here:

Great show for historians today @kcrw @pressplay @themadbrand For a deeper history of CA palms, eucalypts, and more,

VIDEO with some stories that are also in my book: #MO Reconstruction voting rights after Civil War: Virginia Minor and James M Turner advocate expansion #STL

VIDEO: A look at the Beverly Hills art and architecture from the Millard Sheets Studio, with my narration.

A look at the #dingbat, my convenient (and apparently earthquake-unfriendly) LA housing form — via @CurbedLA

If you see the Overdrive exhibit @BuildingMuseum, consider this review from its time @Getty:

LINK: my article on George Engelmann, his barometer, & measuring America from #STL in the #cw150 Civil War Era: